• Image of Web work with      Jude Love..    Craft Week       Oct 15th 6-9pm
  • Image of Web work with      Jude Love..    Craft Week       Oct 15th 6-9pm

Did you know that 44% of eCommerce transactions start with a google search?
This workshop will give you a practical understanding of what google and other search engines are looking for when they choose your site as an answer to a user's search question:

I'll give you practical information on how to make your eCommerce site more search engine friendly:
What makes a good sales headline and subheading?
Do I have enough text on my pages, category areas and products to make google love me?
How do I make my images sing and woo search engines who only see them as code?
Are my categories and product descriptions the best they can be?
How do I know what keywords to use, both on-site and on social when there are at least 58 billion to choose from?
What decisions are behind Search Engine Results (SERPS) and how can I get my site to rank better for a customer's search terms?
This workshop will run for 2 hours and include practical tips you can implement on your website. There will be time after the talk, for questions.

At the end of our session, you will have a stronger understanding of search engine results. You will be able to think more clearly about how you can talk to your customers through your product descriptions, category areas and blog posts, and back up these messages on social media so you're telling the same story across all of your customer touchpoints.

Profile: Jude Love
When I'm not raiding linen cupboards for my vintage teatowels homewares business, Love And West, I run a web development and marketing agency, Love Communications.

I am passionate about helping artists and craftspeople run a strong and sustainable business, by helping you step into your superpower P.A.C.E. and operate in Profit, Authenticity, Collaboration and Engagement.